Other Professional Services

Other Professional Services

Client support & coaching

I provide one-on-one guidance, support and/or coaching for individuals in an organisation who require support in dealing with personal, workplace or client related issues that are hampering optimal performance at work and/or negatively affecting relationships with colleagues or clients.

General mediation & dispute resolution

I mediate disputes and conflict between individuals in a family, school, business or organisation and I facilitate resolutions and outcomes that are mindful of the needs of the individual, the relationship between the individuals, and the system as a whole.

Mediation & dispute resolution in family businesses

I consult with families who work together in a family business to help them address the familial and relational issues that impact negatively on their professional and personal lives and on their ability to work together effectively. In this regard, I mediate the conflict between them and help them arrive at resolutions that are in the best interests of themselves, the family and the business.


I facilitate workshops for teachers, mental health professionals and family law experts. Some of the topics that I cover include:

  • understanding and dealing with the impact of divorce on parents and children;
  • how to work with families going through a separation and divorce; and
  • understanding and navigating the law (parents’ rights, children’s rights) and it’s interface with mental health.